Semler Heart App – To Keep Your Heart Healthy | NewsWatch Review


According to the American Heart Association, 80% of heart attacks are preventable, yet the correct educational information isn’t readily available or easy to find. Currently, coronary heart disease affects one in four men before the age of 60 and one in five women before the age of 70. Helping combat these numbers is the The Semler Heart app created by renowned cardiologist Dr. Herb Semler.

This first-of-its-kind app is dedicated to the education and prevention of coronary heart disease. The vital app uses HealthKit to track your daily steps and soon the app will award you points to be redeemed at retail stores. By tracking your activity and offering incentives, the app gives you that boost necessary to help you improve your lifestyle.  While most fitness trackers and apps aim to improve general fitness, the Semler app targets heart health specifically. It’s built around Dr. Herb Semler’s 7 Pillars of Best Heart Health Practices, extracted from more than 50 years of treating cardiology patients. The pillars educate you on vital practices including controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, improving diet, increasing physical activity and quitting smoking. These pillars will help you achieve your goal of living a healthy heart lifestyle with simple practices and habits.

The Semler Heart app is free to download on iOS devices. Search for “Semler” on the App Store today.

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