What’s Your Passion? – Marvel Jewelry | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Geek culture is sacred to us here at NewsWatch. We understand that it takes just the right touch and authenticity to make you truly “geek out.” What’s Your Passion jewelry falls into that category.

What’s Your Passion worked with Marvel Entertainment to create a unique and super stylish collection of fine jewelry, accurately depicting the characters and logos of the iconic comic giant. Each item is a handcrafted piece of art officially licensed by Marvel. But the beauty is in the details, of course. What’s Your Passion worked closely with Marvel to make sure every level of detail is included in the iconic and immediately recognizable designs associated with popular Marvel characters. Care has been taken to accurately portray every little detail, from Dr. Strange’s pendant to Black Panther’s symbol on a great silver or 14K gold ring. Each ring and necklace is created in the USA at the hands of a skilled artisan with decades of experience creating fine jewelry. And they’re all shipped in a luxurious collector’s box that transforms into a display case that adds a little special something to every geek cave. What’s Your Passion is offering 10% off and free shipping from Cyber Monday through Christmas.

Head to comicbookjewelry.com today to indulge your inner geek.

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