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Consumer Update

If you’re into multi-themed games that scratch that gaming itch then you should check out Berzerk Studio.

Berzerk Studio started in Quebec City during the winter of 2008 by its three founders, Étienne, Marc and Simon.  Coming from children entertainment, they took the next logical step: making games featuring macho commandos and burly Vikings sporting silly hats.  Makes sense of course.  They’ve now created over 26 web and mobile games, each wildly different from the other.  A good example of this is Berzerk Ball which features tongue in cheek slapstick humor mixed with an action-packed arcade game. They are now setting their sight on console gaming. Their first game in the arena is Just Shapes & Beats. The studio describes it as less “Rambo-y” and more “Weird rave I attended in the late 90s.”  This 4-player co-op music party game is reminiscent of the space shooter games of old but with a twist: you don’t shoot back.

Another cool feature of the Berzerk Studio operation is that they show you the behind the scenes side of video game development in a daily show! Ok, we think that is really cool because not a lot of people get to see that side of things. Aren’t you curious what happens during those meetings? Want to know where they get the ideas that turn into your favorite games? All of that is shown on their website at noon every day.

For more information on Berzerk Studio go to and to find out about Just Shapes and Beats head to

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