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As the first semester of the school year comes to a close, students should have a pretty good idea where their strengths and weaknesses are academically. If there are some things that need working on, then it’s time to start looking at additional help outside of the school. The Tutor App is here to help students get their grades back on track.

Here’s how it works; tutors apply to appear on the platform and are vetted to make sure they’re of the highest caliber. Parents or students create their profile and begin browsing for the tutor that meets their needs. They can browse according to price range, qualifications, availability and more. Students are able to see if a tutor is available right now if they are in need of quick assistance. Once the right tutor is selected they can begin the tutoring in person or right there online. The student pays the tutor through the app, making it safe and secure for the student and tutor.

Looking to become a tutor? Tutor App helps you communicate with the students and parents. It also allows you to determine your own worth and set your own rates. This is a great way to help pay off those student loans.

So, whether you’re looking for a tutor for an Elementary, Middle, High School or College student, OR looking to become a tutor to any of those age ranges, the Tutor App has got you covered. Sign up for free by heading to TutorApp.com today.

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