West of the 4th Weaving – Baby Slings and Wraps | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re a new parent you’re probably running into the same problem all new parents encounter: how do you hold your baby and still use your hands for other things? The solution of course is a baby carrier. But lots of structured carriers come with a number of negatives, including but not limited to hip dysplasia. Wraps and ring slings are proven to be more ergonomic and create a better bond for the parent and child. For a uniquely designed and beautifully woven baby carrier check out West of the 4th Weaving.

West 4th Baby Wraps and Ring Slings feature soft and supple fabrics that are comfortable and really easy to use. Made from 100% cotton West 4th Baby Wraps have a hand-stitched middle marker so moms and dads know where they need to start using their wrap.  West 4th Wraps and Ring Slings are woven with an asymmetrical color design that allows you to easily identify how to tighten and adjust the wrap or ring sling. So not only are the designs beautiful but they’re also functional. They’re designed to carry babies from full term newborns to 35 pounds. So why not free up your hands so you can still carry out your daily activities and give your arms a rest? And with over 20 years of weaving experience you know you’re getting beautifully designed yet sturdy craftsmanship from West of the 4th Weaving.

West 4th Baby Wraps and Ring slings come in numerous colors starting at $140. Head to west4thwraps.com to pick up a West 4th Baby Wrap or ring sling today.

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