Wartime X – Strategic Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


Strategy based games are a great way to pass the time while simultaneously exercising your mental ability. Here at NewsWatch we pride ourselves in finding the best games to scratch that itch. That’s how we came across Wartime X.

This mobile turn-based strategy game fuses classic card games like Poker and War with fast-paced action. Start by choosing your characters. All the characters are based on original concepts pitting comic-style heroes against villains. There are over 50 in all, each one different from the last. They have their own set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that will serve them well in battle. Now, if you’ve ever played a strategy game before then you know how slow the gameplay can be. Wartime X punches it into overdrive demanding that you think quickly to stay on top. The game runs on three-card hands that allow you to quickly select and launch a combination of attacks, blocks, and holds that mimic the sensation of real-time battle. By battling it out, completing city-based missions and collecting clues you unlock new characters allowing you to further build your elite squad. The hero and villain aspect of the game provides a narrative element which will help you engage in the protection or destruction of the planet as you advance through increasingly difficult levels in over 100 real-world cities. Fight your way through cities overrun with mutants, minions, and soldiers as you take cover from deadly air strikes and nuclear blasts. Choose your side and fight for the survival of your team. Wartime X promises a new feature very soon where players are going to be able to play each other in real-time.

Download Wartime X for free on iOS devices by heading to the App Store or WartimeX.com today.

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