Zacuto – Gratical EVF Bundle | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you own a Canon C300 Mark I or Mark II, or another top of the line camera, then it’s pretty much a given that you take videography seriously. And if you do then you’re going to want to invest in accessories to compliment and improve the functionality of your camera.  That’s where one of our favorite companies comes in – Zacuto.

Now, these guys have been around for years making DSLR and cine-cameras more functional and comfortable.  But we have a few of their items that we use at NewsWatch that are worth highlighting.  So, one of our favorite things about Zacuto is the ability to mix and match and customize all their pieces to create the bundle that works for you. The Next Gen Recoil rig we have here sets you up with a full-blown shoulder rig that offers balance, comfort, and freedom of movement like nothing else. And the set-up is simple with our C300 Canon Cine camera. So you start with the VCT Pro Baseplate – which is really the essence of this kit – and add the hand grip.  This grip gives you trigger on and off control, lens aperture control, waveform, magnification, and more. Then we’ve added the helmet kit to the top of the camera that’ll let you hold and operate the camera for those low angle shots, but also gives you a platform for attaching accessories.  Very important for upgrading and improving your functionality. And then there’s the big boy – The Gratical HD EVF.  This is a micro OLED electronic viewfinder that every videographer should have in their tool kit.  It gives you accessibility, stability, focusability, and so much more in one little self-powered body.  Definitely pick this guy up. And we like to end my Next Gen Recoil rig with the Hawkwoods Gripper batteries that clip onto the rods situated in the back of the bundle. Each Gripper Battery has 2 standard p-tap ports so you can power multiple things simultaneously.  That’s it.

For more information or to purchase a Zacuto Next Gen Recoil and Gratical EVF Bundle of your own visit today.

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