Bike Mayhem – Downhill Bike Racing – AppWatch Review

AppWatch Review

For those of you looking for a fast pace and addictive game, Bike Mayhem has style, awesome tricks and great graphics. It is the most epic downhill racing game out there. You race through over a hundred different trails across 19 mountains, for the best time, hitting huge jumps and pulling off trick combos for the best score. You can hop, flip and using the trick wheel, combo 8 different tricks. Some are longer than others and more complicated, but those give you the most points. Fortunately, when you crash, the wipe outs are hilarious and almost as fun as the tricks. And, if you want, you can flick your guy as he’s falling for some hilarious carnage.

As you can see the graphics are fantastic and you can tell the developers put a ton of effort into getting the animation and physics perfect. So some tips — obviously the bigger the trick combo, the more points. Like linking a wheelie, backflip, superman and landing in a wheelie will get you huge amount of points … as long as you ride out. Each bike has different strengths, so pick the right bike for the trail. There’s a free version and a paid version available for iOS and Android Devices.

Head to your appstore and search “Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing” to get playing.

For more information, search “Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing”