The Beard Bro – Ultimate Beard Shaper | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Getting just the right shape to your beard is easier said than done. With the many curves to your face it takes some real finesse to get an even and balanced trim. And it’s not like facial hair likes to grow in perfect straight lines. So, for the right tool for the job check out The Beard Bro Shaping Tool.

With the patent-pending tapered edge you can ensure a clean cheek and neckline by simply placing it at the edge of the hairline. Once you’ve placed it at the spot you want, just start trimming.  You’ll have an even line without a lot of guesswork.  The comb part of the Beard Bro was designed to work with thick or thin beards and even goatees. Again, simply place it on your beard and shave. It’s as easy as it looks, and it beats paying a barber. Now in case you’re wondering if it’ll work with your particular beard they’ve tested the tool on over 50 different types of beards with different facial structures. Long beards, short beards, in-between beards, invisible beards, staunchly conservative beards. It works with all of them.

Looking for some beard care products as well? The Beard Bro website also has natural soaps that wont make your beard all wirey and unmanageable or your skin dried out or broken out. You can also tell the world that you are a beard bro by sporting an awesome shirt.

You can buy the Beard Bro Shaping Tool in either pacific blue or gray by heading to today.

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