SOFY – AI Virtual Assistant | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’ve ever developed an app or are currently developing one, then you probably know the headache involved in testing. Not only do you need to check the app for speed and connectivity as well as user experience you also have to check it out against all the other platforms it runs on. A company called Quantyzd is bringing a vision of BOT + Human software developments powered by Machine Learning and AI in the form of a virtual assistant named SOFY.

SOFY, the first BOT by Quantyzd, is a universal platform that tests your app for data speeds and connectivity with an easy to use interface that combines application building with comprehensive analysis. Oversee functionality and anticipate bugs across multiple devices including iOS and Android. Check on performance and see what parts of your app are running too slow, and get a full look at its UX. And there’s no need to spend countless hours writing test automation scripts. SOFY takes care of everything. You can even benchmark your app and see how it performs against competitors. Each test only takes a matter of minutes with a full report delivered at the end, dramatically reducing time to launch your app. SOFY can be trained by the developers and adapts with changing product feature without the need of any automation tools.

For more information on SOFY or to start using it today simply visit

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