Diamond Mash – Mobile Matching Game | NewsWatch Review


Do you want something new to pass the time with? Check out Diamond Mash.

Diamond Mash is an easy to learn but tough to truly master match-3 game. Help the resident mascot, an adventurous bear, explore a diamond-filled game board to find ones that match. Drag diamonds right and left or up and down to line up at least 3 matching diamonds. Now, the first few levels are quite simple, allowing you to get the feel of the game.  But don’t be fooled, challenges lay ahead. The further you progress the more difficult the game is. Each level has a target score and a limited number of moves that you’re allowed to make. Reach the score before you run out of moves or you’ll have to start all over again. Lucky for you there are a number of power-ups that help you out by giving you extra moves, switching diamonds that don’t match, swapping a diamond’s color, or destroying a whole slew of those little guys. Diamond Mash is a ton of fun with vivid color graphics and challenging gameplay. There are more than 100 levels to unlock, and each level has a target score and a specific number of moves to reach that amount. For example, the target score for level one is 100, and there are 5 moves available. In addition to your skill, you can get some help along the way by using a variety of potent powerups, such as: adding extra moves, switching diamonds that don’t match, swapping a diamond’s
color, and destroying a bunch of diamonds.

You can download it for free on iOS or Android devices or visit diamondmash.com.

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