Joe Biden at SXSW 2017

SXSW took place from March 10 to 19 in Austin, Texas! SXSW is a one-week conference as well as an event featuring the most recent interactive technologies, music, and movies. Each year, the SXSW awards the Interactive Innovation Awards for the top exciting technological developments shown in the event are given! Below are the highlights for the 4 of the top important technological innovations we believe can affect businesses in the near future!


Google Tilt Brush

Not surprisingly, Google introduced an exciting fresh technology in SXSW. Tilt Brush by Google won the VR&AR award. SXSW awards VR&AR Award for technology that advances the world of virtual reality. The Google Tilt Brush revives paintings because they can paint images in 3D through virtual reality. For architects, it is an awesome tool for visualizing the design and it can be helpful for contractors to label electrical works in BIM file during on-going work at the job site. Oculus Rift, as well as the HTC VIVE, are compatible with the tilt brush.



D3CRYPT3D won the Privacy and Security award for its security and data security developments. D3CRYPT3D enables tracking of assets to monitor fraudulent activity, along with the power to communicate ownership of files between online markets, large creative teams, and worthy customers. D3CRYPT3D could have a major impact on every cloud solutions by storing important data from construction projects. On April 1st, D3CRYPT3D’s beta version will be released.



Blendoor is an application designed to change the traditional recruiting process. The application could help the construction and building industry hiring new employees as well as personnel for projects. The SXSW has awarded Blendoor with the Innovation Award, which unites people for their progress in linking people and bridging communications. Blendoor attempts to eliminate bias in the recruiting process by hiding the irrelevant data to the hiring process while increasing exposure to data relevant to hiring.


3Doodler PRO 

The 3Doodler PRO bagged the Innovative 3-DIY Award winner because this innovation makes the technology of 3D printing easy to access and afford for everyday consumers. Also called the “first professional 3D pen”, the 3Doodler PRO came out as the Holy Grail for designers, artists, architects, inventors and engineers looking for prototypes of designs.