DakApp – Master Playing Instruments From Your Mobile Device | NewsWatch Review


If you’re wishing to pursue your dreams towards mastering instruments, DakApp can give you access to classical music masterclasses straight from your mobile device.

Not to mention that playing musical instruments strengthens several other capabilities such as coordination, mental stamina, and more, DakApp gives you the opportunity to learn on your own time and with a virtual teacher.

DakApp provides instant access to over one hundred lessons from teachers across the world. Their catalog of original videos teach you everything from Bach to Beethoven in the highest quality.

This innovative Android or iOS app provides anyone the chance to learn and master classic music. Its intention is to break boundaries and economical issues. This app is a tool for any kind of teacher, whether from a conservatory or an orchestra. The catalog is comprehensive with pieces including both intermediate and highest levels in classical music. DakApp also provides scales and contemporary music works.

The convenience of providing professional instruction and with the swipe of an app, delivers an innovative way towards learning music. With masterclasses in full-HD video, DakApp brings some of the most prestigious teachers of the international music scene. This app also provides subtitles in various languages so all types of students can understand.

What’s available in different languages?

  • Scores
  • Interviews with teachers and research about interpretive evolution
  • Historical, political, and geographical context

If you are ready to perform and show off your talent, you can enroll in Dakacademy to play in chamber music, perform in concerts, connect with master teachers and soloists, and much more.

What makes DakApp even more interactive is its immediate access to analyzed score from prestigious musicologists and in-depth interviews that can bring you closer to the artists.

Any questions you may have can also be directly answered by masters.

DakApp is free to download on iOS and Android devices. Head to DakApp.com to learn more today.