Fun with Chess – Applying Chess Strategies to Real World Situations | NewsWatch Review


The U.S. currently ranks at number 25 out of the top 30 countries academically. Educational professionals have studied this problem in an effort to help improve students’ math and reading skills. Some professionals suggest introducing a chess program into schools that can dramatically lead to improving scores.

The Fun with Chess Learning System was created by Youth Development Systems with this idea in mind. It’s a blended instruction system developed by YDS that provides instruction led classes as well as online exercises. Online exercises implement proprietary animation and video game type scoring so students stay interested. Fun with Chess has also developed online features to make students who have learning disabilities, understand more easily.

Fun with Chess uses introductory-led classes and online exercises to teach chess strategies as they apply to real life situations. This isn’t a typical chess experience as it contributes factors of luck which will limit your piece’s move and with a roll of a dice.

The game tracks the score between players or if you prefer, you can play another person face-to-face, the computer, or remotely.

This ensures that students absorb the concepts and achieve maximum benefits.
Youth Development Systems knew they would have to appeal to children so the exercises use animation and video game type scoring to keep their interest. Fun with Chess can be seen as more of a chess variant but is a perfect option for those who are just starting out.

Kids can play against the computer or against each other as they learn. Every move they make is recorded allowing students, parents, and instructors to review games and learn from them.

Scores are also kept on a leaderboard so they can see how well they’re doing.

Fun with Chess offers students the chance to improve critical thinking and the ability to strategically sort through problems in their studies or in life.

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