Spotted Places – Travel on Friend Recommendations | NewsWatch Review


If you’re a traveler, you rely on recommendations from your friends and fellow travelers to find hidden gems and perfect experiences. However, most current sites and apps are filled with thousands of reviews from strangers, making the process of finding the perfect site or restaurant quite tedious. You want to be able to trust those who recommend you to never-before-been sites as those you don’t know, could lead you astray. That’s where the app Spotted Places comes in.

Spotted Places allows you to follow and view recommendations from your friends, fellow travelers or even celebrities. It also creates a personalized map of their experiences around the world.

You can explore travel destinations on the map, and when you find those perfect gems, save them for later.

Discover new experiences from friends around the world and even in your own backyard!

If there is a spot near you, you can call an Uber, get driving directions, or even book a hotel by tapping on an icon in the app.

After you’ve had a fun experience, you can add a spot to the map for your friends the next time they travel there.

The app has also partnered with hundreds of food and travel bloggers you can follow to get quality options outside of your personal network. If you feel like you’re being misguided one too many times to a less than satisfying and mediocrely rated restaurant, it’s time to be directed by people you can trust. Not only see recommendations from those you follow and can count on having the same taste but those who are also near your location. By connecting with those in close proximity, you can get to a destination in a timely manner.

So if you want to save time and find the perfect restaurant, hotel, or even natural trail, head on over to or download the app on the App Store or Google Play.