Safe Motion – Stay Safe with a Smartwatch | NewsWatch Review


For those loved ones who require monitored attention such as children, the vulnerable or the elderly, it’s important that we know when they’re in need of emergency assistance. Using wearable technology, a solution has come along.

In addition, the system has the benefit of operating in or outside the home at any given home.

SafeMotion was developed following an award-winning and successful research project. In collaboration with the Salzburg Research Institute, SafeMotion is a watch that goes into action when the wearer raises an alert or leaves a geofenced area or safe movement zone.

The watch alerts the first helper or guardian as a call and text, including a link to a map with the wearer’s position. After triggering SafeMotion, the pre-defined alerting chain is contacted. Those in the alerting chain receive a call and SMS that includes a web address which allows the alerting chain to track the users’ location on a digital map.

The chain is designated to a group of people who wish to be alerted should an alert by made by the user. When an alert is made, the first member of the designated chain receives the alert via a phone call, SMS and email.

If the first contact doesn’t respond, the watch alerts the next person in the chain.
The emergency contact can text or call the watch directly. SafeMotion will auto answer the call if it is not picked up after some ring tones.

If the wearer is unable to read any messages the watch will dictate the message out loud.
SafeMotion can also act as a preventer of emergencies by setting up certain reminders, like reminding you to take medicine or even drink a glass of water.

It’s all in the name of making sure those who need help, receive it. Visit for more information on how to purchase this life-saving watch.