System 02:19 – Play Your Way Towards a Global Difference | NewsWatch Review


There are plenty of mobile games out there that are all about having fun and passing the time. But what if there was a game that allowed you to do all of that while also making a difference in the world?

Enter System 02:19.

When you play various game modes within the app you effect real change in the world by helping the app make charitable donations.

Being a brand new gaming app program, System 02:19 combines fun and competitive gaming all while being a worldwide, social advocate.

All it starts with is a seed that grows into a large, healthy tree however, there are twists and turns along the way that require completion. There are also several other tasks needed to be completed in order to sustain its growth. Turn your downtime into something productive.

Here’s how it works:

  • You start by planting a virtual seed. Then, through the use of sunlight, fertilizer, and water you help the tree grow.
  • To receive more of those vital elements, you play different games including match 3 games, battles between two beetles, and more.
  • Once you have your tree you can register with the largest city near you making you a part of a community.

Each community is in competition with each other to see who has the most points by December 15th. The community with the most points can vote on which eco-friendly charity gets a donation.

50% of in-app purchases go directly to that charity.

System 02:19 will entice multi-generations to play – parents, children, teens, millennials, and adults of all ages. Trigger your environmental mission and spread the word on creative ways to serve the planet while having fun.

To download System 02:19 today search for it in the App or Google Play Store or visit