Tabs – Peace of Mind Over Your Loved Ones | NewsWatch Review


Protecting your home and family is your top priority. TrackNet’s flagship product, Tabs, was created to provide your family peace of mind.

Tabs is a subscription-free suite of products that gives you visibility into the activities and whereabouts of your children. Whether they are around the neighborhood or across town, Tabs provides you confirmation of the security and health of your home and loved ones.

Features of Tabs:

  • Custom Alerts
  • Custom Zones
  • Messaging
  • Subscription-free
  • Peace of mind
  • Reliable connection
  • User friendly
  • Integrations (i.e. Amazon Alexa)
  • Notifications

The wristband locator lets you keep tabs on your children or elderly parents using the mobile app. This is especially useful for young children who otherwise don’t need a cell phone.

They also have products for the home. Motion sensors and window and door sensors will alert you of any intruders.

The Healthy Home Sensor keeps track of the current temperature and humidity. It alerts you if there’s harmful air quality caused by high levels of Carbon Dioxide or any other harmful compound in the air.

The Hub

Being the heart of the subscription-free and infinitely expandable Tabs solution, you can connect Tabs to your home WiFi that creates a hotspot for all your Tabs devices. The Hub includes:

  • Long-Range Signal – uses a powerful and secure LoRaWAN network to broadcast your own hotspot, creating wide-area coverage and connecting all devices.
  • WiFi Parental Controls – Inhibit children from seeing inappropriate web content and schedule certain hours they’re permitted to go online.
  • WiFi Security – Keeps private information private and protects against viruses and malware.

In addition, Tabs offers WiFi Parental Controls that shields your children from inappropriate web content and allow you to schedule times when they’re allowed to be online.

Control and manage Tabs’ from anywhere, with its easy-to-use mobile app.
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