Hawk Search – Make Your Business Stay Ahead of the Competition | NewsWatch Review

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E-Commerce is how modern shopping gets done. With a point and click, virtually everything is at our fingertips, which means a lot of competition for online retailers. For online businesses, it’s important to know how to reach online customers and how to turn their browsing into a sale. Hawk Search takes care of that for you.

Built to augment any E-Commerce platform, Hawk Search provides features and capabilities that can accelerate revenue and growth.

It does this by first driving how shoppers find products and secondly by helping them discover products they didn’t know they wanted.

Whether the shopper starts from the site search box or by landing on a content landing page, customized Hawk Search features influence the entire experience up to checkout, successfully converting online browsing into a sale.

Merchandisers have complete control over the experience, all from one unified Workbench tool provided by Hawk Search. It’s where all the features are configured to create a custom digital experience for online shoppers.

As a company, Hawk has grown 100% year after year and is equipped to service any size company, from mid-level to larger enterprise clients, like Oriental Trading Company.

Backed by a team with years of experience in E-Commerce, Hawk Search has grown from a simple site search to a comprehensive e-merchandising platform, handling the tech needs of today’s E-Commerce businesses, including Product Recommendations, Personalization, and Intelligent Organic Search capabilities.

Hawk Search is your complete site search and e-merchandising solution for your business. Built upon experience and built to be future-proof, Hawk Search provides a next generation site search platform.

Whether for B2B or B2C, Hawk Search provides solutions for both such as Intelligent Search and predictive recommendations for B2C E-commerce and B2B Intelligent Search as well as Account Segmentation.

For more information on how to increase your E-Commerce conversion rates head to Hawksearch.com today.