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Many of us have had at least one great idea for a mobile app, but that’s where it usually dies, the idea stage. Well, it doesn’t have to with Apps I Like. This company is here to take your idea from concept to fruition.

Apps I Like is here to assist companies and individuals to create professional iPhone, Kindle and Android applications at an affordable price. What’s also great about Apps I Like is that it doesn’t require you to be a Xcode expert, a Java guru or a software developer in order to build your own iPhone or Android app.

This simple-to-use app creation platform will help you create your dream app in less than an hour and without the need for a deep knowledge of coding.

Subscribers have access to hundreds of templates and can select one of them to easily edit, format content, and add pictures and multimedia files. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your vision, change the text and pictures, and submit it for creation. will take it from there. The technical support team builds the app and then submits it to the App Store or provides a simple code that subscribers can upload to Google Play or Amazon developer accounts.

Other features you can expect with Apps I Like?

  • Sync – new content for your live app as well as updates through the cloud to every device that has your app.
  • Push Notifications – pop-up messages from website to all your users’ devices.
  • In-App – offers digital content such as virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades, and more for purchase within your apps.

The revenue potential for such a simple low-cost solution is hard to ignore.

Taking it a step further, Apps I Like is part of the ShareASale affiliate program. By simply sharing a specific link with others who then click on it, subscribers get paid for referrals who sign up.

To sign up, simply visit today.