Great Grandma Escape – The Great Grandmother of All Escapes | NewsWatch Review


Itching for a new game to download on your mobile device? Perhaps a gaming app that’s a little beyond the norm? This one we have showcased may be the kind that you’ve been looking for.

Every now and then a mobile game comes along that is so fun and crazy that we just have to share it.

Great Grandma Escape is one of those games. You’re on a mission to execute stealth attacks despite being a feeble-bodied grandmother.

You play as a grandmother who’s been admitted to the hospital for observation the same weekend as her grandchild’s birthday. You’ve been admitted for observation and in efforts not to let your grandchild down, you plan a great escape.

Being the super grandmother that you are, you decide to bust out of the hospital and hightail it over to the birthday party. Your mission, as you choose to accept it, is to do what you have to do to exit the hospital without getting caught.

Now, since granny is headstrong but body weak, you have to rely on your stealthy skills to sneak through the halls and avoid nurses, doctors, and other challenges. Think you can handle the plot to get the grandma out and ready to party?

There are pills and weapons around that can assist you in escaping. The weapons, of course, will be used by attacking people from behind.

You have four levels you have to make it through, each with different environments.
There are in-app purchases that allow you to upgrade granny with abilities and weapons as well as coins you can pick up in-game or in the shop.

Starting May 15th, Great Grandma Escape will have a month long contest. If you can make it to the 4th level of the game and take a picture of yourself, and the granny character next to the security guard you could be the one chosen to win a prize. Post the picture onto the Facebook fan page, or email the picture to to be considered.

Great Grandma Escape is free to download in the App Store and will soon be released for Android devices. Search for “Great Grandma Escape” to download it today and don’t forget to visit the website at