MedHealth – Simply Store Your Medical Stats | NewsWatch Review


Engagement in your own health is a necessity and the future of healthcare. MedHealth is the ultimate app designed to keep all your personal health records in a single, easy to use app.

Accessing your health with just a touch of an app is the type of convenience MedHealth has in store for its users. Their goal is to have those be in better touch with their health and Physicians. Store various things such as medical history, immunizations, allergies, and blood pressure. Not sure what your blood pressure is? MedHealth has a feature for that. Simply place your index finger on the phone’s camera as the app detects your pulse.

Blood Pressure

  • Simple blood pressure input
  • Multiple entries and backdating capabilities
  • Manage your Blood Pressure and Track your progress
  • Access all your Blood Pressure measurements

Heart rate

  • Use your iPhone to measure your heart rate
  • Enter heart rate manually
  • Monitor how your heart rate relates to exercise

Have your medical and health Information at your fingertips, available anytime, anywhere, and ready to share with family, healthcare providers, or in emergency situations. You can also store your surgical, and social history, your family medical history.

Other features and highlights:

  • Keep all your Physicians information at hand
  • Store your Health Insurance information and ID card and have it available at anytime
  • Have ready whom to contact in emergency situations
  • Walking/running stats
  • Weight tracking
  • Glucose monitoring

Log and track your blood pressure, heart rate, weight, walking activity, and glucose levels. You can even measure your heart rate using the iPhone camera, and monitor your pulse while you exercise. And with features like push notifications, also supported by the Apple Watch, you will never forget to take your medications again. Additionally, you’ll be able to store your emergency contacts, and your physician’s and health insurance information.

The option to share or print your medical information, as well as saving your data in the cloud, is coming soon. You can download MedHealth onto your iPhone today for $1.99, with future plans for the Android platform. Search for “MedHealth” in the App Store to download today.