BALDR – Listen to Music or Answer a Call from Your Shower | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Singing in the shower. We’ve all done it. Some of us even sound pretty good. Others… not so much. Whether you sing or don’t dare to, why not bring some company into the shower in the form of a water-proof radio?

BALDR produces the highest quality shower products on the market. Some of their featured products:

  • Waterproof Shower Bathroom Kitchen Wall Clock – with this large display of digits, you won’t have to ever wonder what time it is or if you’re running late while you’re using the bathroom again.
  • Square Thermometers and Hygrometer with Temperature Humidity Display Sensor – an ideal gadget for each room, it can be placed anywhere from a tabletop to a wall.
  • 2 Pack Us Plug – designed and constructed using innovative components that allow remote control function
  • Atomic Alarm Clocks – keeps perfect time by automatically synchronizing radio signal emitted from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado. Manually set the clock after closing the signal receiving function.
  • Wireless Weather Stations Forecast Calendar – three touch buttons that comes with a wireless remote sensor which is used to detect the outdoor temperature and humidity.

Their HD Bluetooth speaker is perfectly suited for the acoustics of a bathroom.

Just start by connecting it to your phone or other device or selecting the FM radio feature.
Then stick it to the wall of your shower using the three suction cups.
Now you’re ready to enjoy your music or answer calls.

BALDR also produces various LCD waterproof shower clocks in different sizes or colors that can either be placed directly on the shower or they can stand alone on a shelf.

Each has a display with large digits making it easy to read even from the shower. Water Proof screens keep the moisture away and never get fog up. For convenience, the temperature is also displayed as well as the humidity.

Two sizes are available to meet different needs, while the smaller clock comes with a timer function and available in 5 color variations. No more lengthy showers!

To purchase these top-of-the-line digital shower products head over to today.