Nominum – Nipping the Concern of Children and the Internet in the Bud | NewsWatch Review

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Parents today have two major concerns when it comes to their children and the internet: how much time they’re spending online and what they’re looking at.

Well, Nominum N2 Secure Consumer alleviates these concerns. Through their digital parenting offering, available to internet service providers to offer as a value-added service to their subscribers, the solution allows parents to restrict, block, or limit access to certain sites online.

N2 Secure Consumer is a product by Nominum and has been deployed by service providers around the world. What’s unique about this product is that it provides a digital online safety security platform that families and small businesses can use to protect themselves from content that they might find disagreeable.

A security and content filtering service that subscribers can receive from their Internet provider, Nominum’s solution is customizable for any family, allowing parents to set rules on a per device basis.

N2 Secure Consumer provides a great way for families to customize the types of content that are available for each member of the household. For example, young children may have a more restrictive set of policies that may not allow them to access social media during homework time. Or teenagers in the house who have an iPad may have slightly a broader set of guidelines, but still may not let them access violent content at any time of the day. Parents could then have the least restrictive content filters and could simply just be protected from malicious content such as phishing or malware threats.
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