Car-ED – Match Your Car With Your Behavior | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

Car shopping nowadays starts online – and you have to start your search with a brand or bodystyle in mind.

But what if car shopping began with looking at your actual behaviors? Well, now you can find the cars that best connect to you – and your behavior – with Car-ED.

With over 400 different models for sale in the US, which vehicles best connect you? Car-ED helps you start your research with a simple and fun quiz.

And let’s face it, finding the right car out of all those makes and models can be quite the daunting task. Car-ED makes this process simple by bridging the gap between manufacturer, dealer, and consumer. Car-ED’s goal is to create an algorithm from scratch with 11 quick fun questions that will identify the car that meets your needs.

It’s essentially a site that was created to help answer that question that everybody has when they’re shopping for a car, “What car should I get?”

On Car-ED’s website, it consists of an 11-question quiz that condenses the whole upper part of your shopping process. You simply answer the questions and you receive a recommended list of fourteen vehicles that allows you to start your whole research process.

While the main focus is the quiz, Car-ED aims to be the one-stop-shop that has all the information about all the vehicles out there. So in these efforts, they’ve created simple and short reviews for every car in the database where you can get some of those rational questions answered.

Car-ED does their own reviews, receives press vehicles and will drive them to give their opinion. They will also post their video reviews on their YouTube channel .

Car-ED is most proud of their community as their goal is to help people in the community itself such as giving a good used car away to a family in need.

To learn more about Car-ED, head to today.