Whether we like it or not our immediate world is constantly changing around us, technology keeps presenting us with labour saving ways to do things differently, including dating and the opportunity to chat with hot girls. Everything we used to know about chatting and meeting women is changing before our very eyes.
Dating apps have provided us with immediate opportunity to like, dislike, arrange dates and flirt with women you have not yet met with. The younger generation are quickly becoming accustomed to using such technology and dating apps are now a thing of everyday life. We provide you with top tips to win a dating streamline your efforts and get the girl you want when you want.

Pay for the Privilege
Dating apps are quite literally at our fingertips, with a click of a button we can download a free app and start chatting to women in seconds. However, if you are serious about meeting a potential partner and can avoid this temptation then you may well find yourself more successful. Downloading free apps dilutes your opportunity to seriously meet others. Consider paying for a dating application to ensure the people you are talking are also serious about finding a partner, because they are paying for the privilege to do so. Don’t waste your time chatting with someone who downloaded it for a joke with their mates.

Your Type of Type
Streamline your efforts when using a dating app by opening your options. Try not to stick to only your ‘type’ because this will certainly limit your options. Dating apps can present limited information, let alone old or ‘perfected’ profile pics. Let your heart do the talking and get to know all sorts of potential partners before saying no to someone who doesn’t ‘look’ your type!

Time to Date
Make time to invest in your dating app and use the template and opportunity to share crucial information wisely.  Do not overlook reading other people’s dating apps and profiles either. Investing your time and reading profiles helps you cut to the chase of finding potential matches. If your search is efficient and well-read then finding your match made in app heaven is easy!

Real Pic
The focal point of a dating app is usually based on the profile picture. However, don’t get caught up with ‘photoshopping’ your picture within an inch of its life. Post normal and everyday photos that show you as you would like to be known, enjoying life, relaxed, doing a hobby and so on. If your picture or the picture of the person you are talking is unrealistically perfected, then you are both setting yourself up to fail. These types of photos will put pressure on what you really look like when you meet up!

Create a Response
A common mistake when using dating apps is to copy and paste a basic nonspecific message and sending it to hundreds of women, or just swiping right all day every day! This approach does not bring any quality control to your search. Every message you create for a potential partner should be tailored to them, with an understanding of their interests and asking thought provoking questions that encourage a response.