REVOQ – Fidget Spinner, Cube, and Stress Ball All in One | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Unless you’ve taken up residence under a rock, you’ve probably heard of a fidget spinner. They were developed to help relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD, and even boredom. Fidget spinners are also noted to increase focus. If you’re on the verge of aggravation or are stressed out to the max, WeFidget’s REVOQ can help you out.

WeFidget’s REVOQ takes it to the next level with their all-in-one, multifunctional fidget spinner. With their featured collection of fidget spinners WeFidget provides:

  • Original Trinity Fidget Spinner
  • Original “The Bar” 6-minute Fidget Spinner
  • Original UFO Spinner
  • Original BAT Fidget Spinner
  • And much more

While most fidgeters are limited, REVOQ embodies all of the most important functions that you’d crave.

Of course, it spins. In fact, it’ll spin for up to 7 minutes from one flick of your finger but it does so much more.

The switches on the side of this little guy are there for those who enjoy flicking like you might do with a pen.

The rolling steel balls are perfect for finger massaging with a satisfying feedback for those who love to push buttons.

The center can be rotated for more discreet spinning if you’re looking to keep your fidgeting on the DL.

Think of the REVOQ as a fidget spinner, cube, and even stress ball with additional functions to satisfy every facet of fidgeting and stress relief.

With the REVOQ, WeFidget has perfected the therapy of fidget spinners and other fidget devices.

Head over to to pre-order yours today.