eGrocer – Integrated Meal Planning and Pantry Management Service | NewsWatch Review


Now, we all want to eat healthily and there’s no better way to eat healthy than to plan and cook your own meals. But how can we manage this process in a way that reduces the time spent meal planning and minimizes waste from unused ingredients? Here to do all the heavy-lifting is eGrocer.

eGrocer is an integrative meal planning and pantry managing service which generates personalized grocery lists for the user to save time and money. eGrocer believes that meal planning should be smart because everyone is different. eGrocer also believes that they should be adaptive as people usually have busy schedules and may find it difficult to meal plan.

So, let’s say someone was unable to cook a meatloaf that was supposed to be cooked and brought home a pizza instead. All that person has to do is go into the eGrocer application and cancel that meatloaf and all the ingredients associated with that meatloaf will go back into the pantry. This lets the individual have the option to re-plan all of his or her meals to maximize the efficiency of ingredients that he or she put back into the pantry. Or if the individual may so choose, use the ingredients for his or her next meal plan as long as they don’t expire.

With eGrocer, you can count on the following:

  • Recipes – browse through thousands of delicious recipes and chef specials
  • Fitness – enhance your diet plan and receive recommendations based on stats that keep you fit
  • Pantry – receive recipe suggestions based on the items available in your pantry
  • Meal Plans – plan by the day or week with meal plans
  • Budget – cook according to your budget and the number of family members you have
  • Grocery

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