Flippy Knife – Try Your Hand at Competitive Knife Flipping | NewsWatch Review


Beresnev [pronunciation: be-res-nev] Games is an independent game development that’s made a buzz in the mobile market recently.

One of the jewels in their crown is the very addicting mobile game, Flippy Knife, that became #1 in the U.S. right after its release.

Flippy Knife is the new first high-quality game for knife lovers and real men who’ve most likely tried to throw the knife in the air at least once in their life. With fun graphics and realistic knife movement, this might just become your next obsession.

The goal is to flip the knife as deftly and accurately as you can in multiple different modes.

With Flippy Knife, you can try your hand at Combo mode to see how many times you can flip the knife and still land it accurately. You can become a great Master of knife flipping using the best knives from all over the world. Stick the knife back into the stump and collect combo. Jump on the shelves and collect treasure bags as well.

This is a physics-based realistic knife simulator and contains over 35 world famous blades (knives, sabers, swords, axes) that you must collect. You can also have different locations for flipping such as camping, forest hut, treetops, stump on the meadow and more.

Arcade mode is a left to right scrolling game that only lets you progress if you flip your knife onto the next landing.

Target mode allows you to practice by hitting targets at various changing heights.

And finally Climb mode will have you chasing a drone as you race upwards, throwing your knife left and right.

Each mode will push you to grow from boy scout to experienced warrior by collecting coins and mastering the art of knife throwing.

And of course, you have the option of challenging your friends and showing off your sweet knife collection.

You can download Flippy Knife for free in the App or Google Play Store today.