TwistWrist – Remain Hands-Free with Just a Twist | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

How is it that something that’s supposed to make our life easier makes it harder? Holding your phone while trying to do…well pretty much anything is a hassle. And the only way we can wear them is inconvenient and uncomfortable.

That’s where TwistWrist comes in.

The TwistWrist is located on…you guessed it, your wrist!

With this convenient placement, you now have easy access to your phone without stopping your workout. This gadget is an innovative spin on a classic hands-free phone carrier. Take your phone with you anytime, anywhere.

But it’s not only for the runner or the biker. It’s perfect for activities that require both hands. Like cooking or grocery shopping or even traveling with multiple bags.

You can be hands-free for any activity whether it’s exercise, travel or DIY. TwistWrist is ideal for the moments where you have to remain hands-free.

Imagine if you’re doing a DIY project and need to follow on-screen instructions. Just position your phone and you’re ready to go.

TwistWrist rotates to any angle you need so you can take photos and video without removing it. But in case you need to charge your device, it’s also detachable.

That feature is particularly useful if you need to mount your phone in the car for GPS or Bluetooth conversations.

The TwistWrist is on sale now until the end of October for only $39. Otherwise, you can pick it up for $49 at