The Lauren Ashtyn Collection – High-Quality Hair Extensions for Pinterest-Perfect Hair | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We’ve all dreamed of having longer, fuller hair. But how do we get this hair without damaging our real hair and paying some small fortune every 6-8 weeks?

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection brings you the hair you’ve always wanted with their luxury hair extensions.

Other hairpieces in the market are usually mass-produced whereas The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is handmade which takes one person 45-60 days to make one piece.

The pieces are all hand colored and made of European Remi Human hair which is the highest quality of hair on the market. What’s good about these quality pieces of hair is that they have a natural body wave that holds the style.

Other hairpieces tend to be made from lesser grades of hair that are mass-produced and not hand-made. Because of this difference, The Lauren Ashtyn Collection ensures that its pieces feel and look natural on the scalp.

Currently, there are thirteen colors in The Lauren Ashytn Collection, but can all be colored by your hairdresser. They, however, do not recommend bleaching the hairpieces because the quality is so good.

The Lauren Ashytn Collection also embodies women empowerment by providing gorgeous hairpieces to the consumer, so they can feel their most beautiful and confident.

The process is easy when it comes to putting the hairpieces on. There are 4 easy clips that are damage free to the hair. You simply line it up to your hair part where you clip the first one in on the front, 2 on the sides, and 1 in the back. Once you fasten the piece on, you can flip your whole head upside down and the hairpiece is guaranteed to not fall off.

Who has time every 4-6 weeks to get their hair colored when they can just pop highlights on in seconds?

If you want Pinterest-perfect hair, head to for a free online consultation today.