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By: Bryan Tropeano

Looking for a new tech add-on plaything on a minimal budget or an inexpensive gift idea? We hope that you already found some good deals for Cyber Monday, but if you have a bit of cash left to spare, there are many tech-related things to purchase that come in under five dollars. In the grand scheme of things, this amount of money may not seem like a lot to play with, but you could be pleasantly surprised at how far it can get you! Believe it or not, there are a plethora of reasonably priced useful apps, gadgets and accessories out there on the market to help make your life a little bit easier.

Attachable Smartphone Lens

These little gadgets can be picked up surprisingly easily online from wholesale websites such as eBay, Amazon and AliExpress. For less than five bucks, you can have a lens that turns your regular smartphone camera into a fisheye, wide-angle or macro lens for fun visual effects. While the results might not be as picture-perfect as you would get with a slightly more high-end attachable lens accessory (and there are few guarantees about the quality and durability), an accessory like this makes an ideal fun gift for a younger person or amateur photographer who will enjoy playing around with it.

Smartphone Apps

According to TIME, here is the verdict on the best apps of 2017. With some of the list maker’s favorite apps of the year available as a free download, you can certainly put something useful on your smartphone for way under five bucks! From email organizers that will make you wonder how you ever functioned without one to apps that store your passport details for less hassle at the airport, this list has got you covered.

A Web Domain

Particularly useful if you’re thinking of becoming a blogger or running an online business, you can have your own personalized web domain and hosting from 1&1 with prices starting at $1 a month for the first month. It’s incredibly vital to have a website for many reasons, so this is a good chance to start.


Alright, so you’re unlikely to find a tripod worthy of your professional photography debut… but for social and recreational purposes you’d be surprised at how much fun a cheap tripod stand can be! You can pick up a universal “octopus” (bendable) tripod on eBay for a little as $2. The tripod generally fits more digital and SLR big name camera brands, and if you have a flat surface to rest it on, it’s perfect for taking a family group shot over the holidays or at a special event.

Bryan TropeanoBryan Tropeano is a senior producer and a regular reporter for NewsWatch.  He lives in Washington D.C. and loves all things Tech.