AliroVets – The “Uber” of Referral Recruitment Processing | NewsWatch Review


There’s a company making waves right now in the recruiting and talent acquisition space. It’s a cloud-based employment referral platform that is effectively “uberizing” the referral recruitment process.

Aliro [pronounciation ah-leer-o] is a simple, intuitive platform that connects employers with qualified referrals from anyone and rewards successful referrers and candidates with a cash bonus that can be worth thousands of dollars.

Aliro uses advanced tech, ranking algorithms and a proprietary database of millions of qualified referrers and potential candidates.

Their latest innovation is a new platform to help veterans: AliroVets is the first ever employment referral platform to focus on helping vets and their families.

AliroVets leverages a database of a million plus veterans. Their proprietary algorithms even help match veteran skillsets to private sector roles.

When a veteran referral is hired, both the referrer and veteran receive a cash bonus.

Aliro takes it one step further by enabling the referrer and candidates to donate some or all of their cash bonus to one of their vet preferred charities.  Vets win again.

Sign up.  Refer Candidates confidentially.  Earn money if your referral is hired.

Head on over to or download the app today in the Google Play or the App Store.