Dyrii – Journaling Tool for Life Loggers and Travelers | NewsWatch Review


Keeping a diary or a journal is a way to keep a running account of the moments in your life, both big and small, that make up the journey and help shape you into the person you become.

Dyrii is a unique journaling tool for life loggers, travelers, self-enthusiasts, or really anyone who wants to record key moments in their life.

The app comes chockful of features that support both active and passive journaling, so you don’t even have to open the app for it to log information, making it perfect for traveling.

You can add photos, audio, video, location geo-tags, health, and mood tags and even weather information right into the entry.

Additional health and mood tags are there to communicate and remember how you felt while writing the entry.

And if you want to be old-school about it, Dyrii supports the Apple pencil, allowing you to write if you’re using an iPad.

All information is stored on your device or in iCloud so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being stored on a third-party server.

And they even allow you to backdate entries that will suggest historical dates and locations from your photos.

To start chronicling the important moments in your life, you can import from your other online journals and soon you can import from plain text files.

To learn more, head to the App Store today.