Pelecoin – Low-Risk Cryptocurrency Platform | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’ve haven’t heard the loud rumbling being generated by the cryptocurrency wave, then there’s a good chance you’re living under a rock.

While some are jumping on the freight train and investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, the majority are still holding back due to a seemingly volatile and complex market. There are plenty of risks one would have to be comfortable with if they plan to put money into the booming marketplace.

Pelecoin is a solution that mitigates some of these risks.

The Pelecoin System is a software platform that enables simultaneous mining of a basket of up to 50 different cryptocurrencies.

In other words, this allows you to diversify your investment.

Pelecoin’s System also includes a trading algorithm that liquidates the most profitable coins and/or trades them to up the value of the basket.

This gets rid of the headache associated with lack of liquidity and, because you can send, receive and store via a standard Ethereum wallet, it has a high level of reliability.

The Pelecoin System is based on the principles of Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs traded on the stock market with the added diversification of hedging.

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