Simon Payroll App – Payroll Solution for Small Businesses | NewsWatch Review


Payroll is one of the most tedious yet important functions of a business. But the services offered are geared toward large companies forcing small businesses to buy services with all the bells and whistles.

Well here’s THE payroll solution that small business have been waiting for.

Simon offers only what smaller companies really need and want and the whole system can be run right from the app on your smartphone.

Once the business owner onboards his company, it’s quick and easy to run payroll.

The ball is set in motion and it all happens behind the scenes. Payroll is processed, employees paid, taxes collected, reports sent, and next payroll set to run, and all you had to do was enter a few details and submit.

Simon auto pays payroll taxes, prepares and submits all reports to the IRS and States tax agencies FOR you, including W2s and 1099s.  Simon handles ALL of your company payroll needs.

You’re already dealing with enough as a small business owner, why add one more complicated process to the mix?

You can download the Simon Payroll app for free in the Google Play or App Store. Pricing on complete payroll starts at only $20.

For more information head over to today.