ECOVACS – Intelligent Cleaning Solutions for Your Home | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report/CES

There are always a few booths that consistently wow us at CES.

And this year ECOVACS Robotics didn’t disappoint.

ECOVACS designs intelligent home cleaning solutions with advanced technology at a significantly lower price.

Their new DEEBOT [pronunciation: dee-bot] OZMO 930 floor cleaning robot not only vacuums floors and carpets but mops hardwood floors too.

You can easily program DEEBOT to clean exactly where you need it using an accompanying app. By drawing lines, you can create virtual boundaries that instruct it to avoid specific areas.

Adaptive Floor Sensing technology allows DEEBOT to intelligently increase suction power depending on the surface type, and automatically avoid carpets when the mop is attached. Laser-based Smart Navi constantly learns and adapts to your home, minimizing collisions and accidental mishaps. But don’t worry, the map stays inside the device, ensuring your data won’t be sold to third parties.

ECOVACS has another brilliant product in the WINBOT X [pronunciation: win-bot ex]. This cordless window cleaning robot is the latest from the company that brought you the first window cleaning robot.

Watch it freely navigate your windows, moving intelligently and safely for an efficient clean.

This robot has garnered buzz as a 2018 CES Innovation Award winner.

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