Grolltex – Transferring Graphene in a Sustainable Way | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

In the battle for “strongest material in the world,” nothing beats graphene. Graphene is an extremely electrically conductive form of carbon laid out on a flat sheet. Not only is it 200 times stronger than steel but it’s also highly transparent, flexible, and a natural barrier that only hot protons can penetrate. And because it’s only one atom thick, it’s classified as a 2D material or only having two dimensions.

One of the significant hurdles in mass producing this remarkable material is called ‘the transfer issue’. In other words, how do we transfer graphene in a non-destructive and sustainable way from the growth substrate to the ultimate ‘care about’ surface?

Grolltex has created and patented a process to do just that.

This innovative company is applying their breakthrough process to advanced production equipment and other materials and products made from sheet graphene.

Additionally, their methodologies enable the design of the equipment used for single layer graphene transfer that reuses and optimizes what’s called the “sacrificial” copper substrate.

By optimizing and reusing the otherwise forgotten copper substrate we see a cost-effective yet quality-driven sustainable solution for creating products like OLED screens, bio-sensors, and nearly any electronic device.

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