Vegas Pro – Edit High-Quality Videos Quickly, Easily, and at a Low Cost | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Since the arrival of YouTube just over a decade ago, the platform has become a financial windfall for those dedicated to making quality visual content, with users like Yuya and Jenna Marbles. Now the key to their success is possessing the ability to edit super high-quality videos quickly, easily, and at a low cost.

That means they need a robust and easy to use at-home video editing software. In our research for the most cost-effective and efficient software, we found that professional YouTubers love Vegas Pro.

Specifically, we found this software provides the easiest way to achieve the highest quality results. In fact, there are features, and tools built into Vegas Pro that specifically caters to YouTubers.

The Picture-in-Picture plug-in, for example, is a favorite. Automatic volume enveloping has never been easier allowing you to create a professional mix.

The unique hamburger button drastically cuts down on the number of visible buttons you see on the screen making the UI much more pleasing to work with.

We haven’t even mentioned the multitrack recording, editing, and mixing layout as well as state-of-the-art color correction and most importantly the lightning-fast rendering speed.

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