Many adults today miss the first games they were playing on the first primitive arcade machines when they were kids. Sometimes, the bout of nostalgia is so strong that they seek ways to play those games again. Here, the emulators come to the rescue.

You do not need to look for an arcade machine to put in your bedroom, or buy a console that won’t connect to any of your devices. The modern decision of the problem is to download emulators and ROMs for, say, the MAME emulator directly on your PC, laptop or tablet. This is a new and functional software. If you have the MAME emulator software from you can easily manage everything yourself. Download the files, install them, and play. Both rom download and MAME emulator download are completely for free. And you don’t have to be a professional developer to install MAME emulator at home.

MAME Emulator

MAME is not the only emulator available for those who wants to play some old-school games on their modern devices. So, why MAME, and what is so special about this very software? There must be a reason why it is more preferrable than others.

The wide choice of games supported by exactly this emulator is the first reason for choosing it among others.. MAME emulator supports more than three thousand unique video games and ROMs. Some of the games you obviously don’t like, some are in the list of your favourites, and some you may have never played before. So, it is really worth trying.

Despite the fact that installing the emulator and the ROMs is not a problem at all, the following brief guide may be helpful for some users.

Installation Process for the MAME Emulator

Firstly, go to a reputable website and download the emulator file on your PC, laptop or whatever. The file is not that big, so it won’t take long. Then, add the ROMs download files and emulator download files to the MAME folder on your PC. Don’t stop the software every time you want to open a new game, going to the website again and download and run each game, one by one. So, download at least a dozen of games when you will be installing the MAME emulator.

After that, you can start playing. Double click on any of the games and wait a bit. It is okay if there is an error message on the screen. It will disappear as soon as the game opens. Just be patient, the game will be loaded very soon. The program will immediately offer you to reset the control buttons, so you can adjust them if you want to. You may first try the control buttons out to make sure you like the logic. You can also stretch the screen, but in most cases this is a very bad idea because the games have not been re-issued, but only customized for a newer software, and due to differences in capacities the quality of the video will drop. After you managed with all that stuff, you can actually play the games.