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GuardzillaDid you know that 2 million homes are broken into annually? Now 90% of convicted burglars have said that they avoid houses with alarm systems. So if you’re worried about your house possibly being burglarized the obvious solution would be to invest in a home security system. Unfortunately, there are so many out there and they tend to be expensive. Check out Guardzilla.

It’s an affordable, simple, customizable security system that streams real-time videos to users’ smartphones and captures pictures. The all in one video security system can be placed in any room in the house with a quick one-two step.

Once set up, just download the accompanying app and you’re ready to go.

With incorporated geo fencing technology the app will also detect whenever you arrive home to automatically disarm it or arm it when you leave. So no having to worry about forgetting to arm it or having to remember the alarm code to disarm it.

The motion sensor will pick up any intruder and unleash a siren alert while also capturing them on video.Guardzilla

If you are a pet owner you’re not going to want your dog, cat or maybe your wandering iguana setting it off constantly. A special feature allows you to make the Guardzilla pet immune. It also allows you to check in on your pet during the day.

There are no monthly fees and it takes just 5 minutes to set up, no installations. Although Guardzilla is ideal for college dorms, apartment renters, and homes, it can also be used for baby monitors, boat and RV monitoring, and more.

This new security system is affordable to attain peace of mind and safety.

You can pick up Guardzilla for around $100 from sites like Best Buy and Amazon or by heading to their website today.

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