Beat the Blaze – Fire Safety Edutainment | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Educating yourself and your community on fire safety is extremely important. Oftentimes fires are accidentally started because those involved ignored or were unaware of basic fire safety rules. HAI Group [pronunciation: H. A. I.] is a company that’s committed to delivering reliable insurance solutions, products, and services that protect assets and promote the sustainability of affordable housing. They’ve developed a game designed to educate people on key information related to fire safety in a fun and enjoyable way.

Beat the Blaze is a browser-based game that allows you to play as a character of your choosing. The goal is to make it through a home as fast as possible while answering important fire safety questions.

You’ll get bonus points and time added to the clock for every question you get right. If you get a question wrong, you’ll lose points and watch your timer get closer to zero. Beat the Blaze tests your knowledge on important information like smoke alarm maintenance, fire safety plans, and common causes of home fires.

HAI Group offers plenty of other e-learning resources for risk management and training.

You can head to their website for more information on how they’re protecting, preserving, and promoting safe and affordable housing. Go to