Peak Art Clocks – Unique Hand-Crafted Clocks | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

You know what time it is? It’s time to step away from news of apps and electronic devices. Let’s take a minute to discuss something unique that will certainly add character to your home or office.

Peak Art Clocks are unique hand-crafted clocks that are looking to change the way we view displayed timepieces. Sure, clocks are practical but Peak Art is looking to make it so much more.

They’re seeking to create pieces that are the focal point of your office, your home, or even a restaurant. Their stunning craftsmanship is evident in each oversized wall clock.

For example, this Large Decorative Wall Clock is made of two panels of pine wood and is hand painted with beautiful rustic gold and graphite colors. The large, dark roman numerals contrast beautifully with the gold background.  The Handmade Shabby Chic Wall Clock offers a grey and gold worn look with an empty back adding a 3D effect. What makes this piece and others like it unique is that each is made to order.

Peak Art Clocks has dozens of other beautiful timepieces to choose from in different sizes. They can also work on a new design with you if you can’t find the clock that suits your interiors.

Just head to today to get in touch or purchase a clock online.