LUCI – Innovative Entertainment Experience | NewsWatch Review

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The rate at which we consume visual content in this digital age can sometimes lead to a reduced quality in said content. We want it now and so quality suffers. But it doesn’t have to.

LUCI is an innovative entertainment experience company that’s making huge strides in enhancing the emotional connection to the content.

By emulating the power and quality of a cinematic experience, even when you’re sitting on your couch, you’re transported to worlds that previously only existed in your imagination.

The LUCI immers is a lightweight wearable that fits over your eyes for an unparalleled experience. With a 3000-plus PPI display and an engine strong enough to power any type of content, including 3D 4K, the LUCI immers accomplishes exactly what its title implies – total immersion. LUCI has earned the title of the first Ultra HD wearable immersion-on-demand device.

Once you place it over your eyes you’ll have access to any existing media library including movies, games, music, and even photos. And because it’s as light as a feather, you can enjoy it for extended periods of time.

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