TREZOR – First Hardware Wallet to Protect Cryptocurrencies | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, transactions are made exclusively online. But as we know, the internet isn’t impervious to hackers. That’s why storing your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet, not connected to the internet, is the safest bet.

TREZOR is the world’s first hardware wallet, created to protect cryptocurrencies.

The main purpose of this secure wallet is to isolate your keys away from any internet-connected devices.

Here’s how it works. Typically, we use unique keys associated with our account to make a transaction. These digital keys, unfortunately, can be easily copied when connected to the internet.

By isolating your keys and locking them away in TREZOR, there’s no way that’s going to happen.

Now, all operations that use your keys are carried out exclusively on the TREZOR device. Once a transaction is signed using the key, it’s sent back to the computer for transmission.

Beyond the obvious benefit of an uber-secure wallet, TREZOR aims to make transactions as easy as possible, getting rid of some of the complexity associated with cryptocurrencies.

And with open-source hardware and software, they continue the crypto philosophy of being absolutely transparent.

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