Thermometer X & Hygrometer App – Offering Current Outdoor Temperatures for Your Exact Location | NewsWatch Review


What’s the first thing you check when you’re planning your day out? The weather, right? If you’re headed to the beach you want to make sure it’s not going to rain.

If you’re headed to a game, you want to know if you should bring your coat. But what if you just want to simply know the outdoor temperature without all the fluff?

That’s what the Thermometer X and Hygrometer App is here for.

With a beautiful and sleek design, Thermometer X offers you the current outdoor temperature for your exact location at a glance.

The hygrometer part of the app tracks the current humidity, so you’re never caught off guard expecting it to be a dry heat.

Using nearby weather stations, Thermometer X offers the most accurate temperature reading you can get with a minute by minute reading.

You’ll know if the weather calls for a jacket before you ever step out the door.

You can choose to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius as well as a ton of beautiful, color-themed layouts.

A wide array of additional features are planned for the near future so look out for any updates.

You can download the Thermometer X and Hygrometer App on any iOS device. Simply search for “Thermometer X” in the App Store or visit today.