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We recently sat down with Brian Beckham, President, and CEO of Brainjocks. This is a company on the move. We attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new U.S. headquarters in metro Atlanta to learn more about Brainjocks SCORE™, a Sitecore accelerator, and component-based framework.

What Brainjocks has evolved to now is more of a digital marketing company so instead of just delivering technology and websites, they are now consulting with companies on how to leverage technology to achieve their marketing goals.

Content management by itself is worthless if a non-technical person cannot take a website and manage and edit it.

So Brainjocks wanted to focus on was how to give marketers more power, how do we give them more capabilities? So, they built a product that allows you to very rapidly assemble and deploy websites on a content management system platform known as Sitecore and that’s their product Brainjocks SCORE. This essentially allows companies to build a reusable component library and deploy it across an enterprise and build anywhere from 1 to 1,000 websites. This also empowers the marketers, so they can take over that website and manage and manipulate it without constantly going back to the engineering team and saying, “We need to change this” or “That needs to be an improvement.” This helps make efforts more autonomous.

They’ve begun to develop two additional product lines that are essential to the company’s future. One of them is referred to as management services and that is a site that they will help you build using your favorite content management platform, but Brainjocks will also host it, monitor it, maintain it and support it and if you need, they’ll do all your content management hands-on work for you as well.

The next service is Digital Strategy. A lot of companies struggle with the fact of “How do I take advantage of marketing technology?” So Brainjocks’ mission is to, not just show them how it’s done technology wise, but show them when is it right to adopt that strategy.

If you’re interested in Brainjock’s SCORE and want to learn more, head on over to today.