By: Nick Gambino

With the Oculus Go we finally have a standalone VR headset capable of being embraced by virtually any consumer.

With the recent resurgence of VR that actually delivers what Sc-Fi cinema promised years ago, it’s a wonder that virtual reality hasn’t become more mainstream. I can count on one hand the number of people I know that own VR headsets.

Having experienced numerous VR experiences myself, including Playstation VR and Samsung Gear VR, I’d say the content itself isn’t to blame. But rather, it’s maintained its status as a niche tech because it positions itself as one.

The Oculus Rift and other high-tech VR headsets require the use of long cables hooked up to expensive PCs in order to work. While the Samsung Gear VR requires a Samsung Smartphone and the Playstation VR requires the gaming console itself.

With those requirements we leave out iPhone users, non-gamers, non-techies and those who don’t want to blow thousands of dollars for the experience.

Leading VR company, Oculus (owned by Facebook), recognized this problem and so aims to solve it with the newly launched Oculus Go.

Working entirely on its own steam, the experience is reportedly similar to the Gear VR minus the need for a smartphone. After a simple set-up and connection to Wi-Fi you’re ready to go. An accompanying controller allows you to interact with various apps and is pretty easy to pick up on.

Seeing as though audio is nearly 50% of the experience (in my opinion), you’ll have the option to plug in headphones or listen to audio through the speakers located in the head straps. The location of said speakers offers up more of a surround sound experience without the need for extra discomfort you tend to feel with headphones on.

Now this is a standalone headset so don’t expect the same high-end VR you’d get from the Rift. Content is mostly limited to games and entertainment where you sit or stand in place. Again, a lot like the Samsung Gear VR. For the everyman or woman this should be just fine.

And because your desire for me to answer one specific question is burning a hole through the screen, I’ll just tell you – there are no apps that support porn.

Now possibly the biggest selling point for the Oculus Go is the $199 price tag for 32GB. Cheaper than most smartphones by a long shot, this kind of price point should see the product fly off the shelf. Even $249 for the 64GB version isn’t too bad.

You can order the Oculus Go on Amazon right now.