Napbox – Get Some Rest with Napbox | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Missing the connection to your next flight is basically everyone’s worst nightmare. Before you know it, you’re on your way to assemble a makeshift bed while waiting for your next connection. Whether it’s catching some Z’s on the floor near your gate or simply dozing in your parked car, everyone’s got to recharge.

Napbox understands these woes and has done something about it.

Napbox is a capsule for people to re-energize. They will be available in airports, hotels, and offices for you to reserve directly from the Napbox app or from the tablet outside the capsule.

To give you an idea of what the rooms will look like, here’s a little visual. They’re loaded with features to help you relax. You can also control the lights, turn on the TV, an SOS emergency call or set the built-in alarm. You can also use the app, Pzizz, to help you take refreshing power naps with specially designed music.

In addition, Napbox is totally private so you can rest easy that you’re safe and your belongings are secure.

The next obvious question may be, “What about hygiene?” Well, rest assured that Napbox rooms are “self-cleaning,” and the sheets are replaced automatically every single time a new user logs in.

And if you’re a frequent user, Napbox remembers your preferences – from temperature to light colors, to fragrances, and will automatically recreate your room.

So, if you want to count some sheep or just catch a private moment, head to