RushHive – Mutual Digital Meeting Ground for Customers and Businesses | NewsWatch Review

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It’s usually never a fun time making a call to customer support – at times, it can even be a nightmare. Whether you’re the customer on hold for an hour or a business with hundreds or even thousands of customers calling in at once, it can get stressful for both parties.

Well, now you can relax.  RushHive provides a mutual digital meeting ground where customers and businesses can communicate.

The goal is to make things more efficient for everyone.

The RushHive system is adaptable for any business that seeks to create communication with clients and customers.

For example, you’re heading out of town and need to board your dog for the weekend. It can be a time-sensitive task to call the boarders and relay all necessary instructions and can result in important information getting lost in translation.

RushHive lets you fill out a quick form with all the essential information the business needs and can send it off.

Once they receive the form, they acknowledge receipt and you immediately begin receiving a notification.

And if you have any questions or comments about your request, you can chat with the business directly through the app. You can continue your day while they take care of your online request.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play. Learn more about RushHive by visiting